The Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board (CCPERB) may establish export delays of two to six months, during which an object determined to be of outstanding significance and national importance will not be permitted to be exported from Canada. Export delays provide designated organizations with an opportunity to acquire these culturally significant objects that might otherwise be permanently lost to Canada.

Active export delays

Pursuant to the Cultural Property Export and Import Act, CCPERB has established delay periods for the cultural property listed below.

Export Permit App. No. Description of cultural property Date of Review Board Notice Export delay Deadline to request a fair cash offer to purchase Delay-expiry date
0495-19-05-29-002 Offering to the Sun, gouache on board, by Winold Reiss September 6, 2019 6 months February 6, 2020 March 6, 2020

If your institution is interested in negotiating the purchase of cultural property on this list, please contact the Heritage Policy and Programs Branch at the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Potential purchasers may apply to the Department of Canadian Heritage for a Movable Cultural Property Grant. These grants are made available to assist designated institutions to purchase objects for which export has been delayed, or that are located outside Canada and are related to the national heritage.

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